More and more, figures in the White House are bringing God into state business.
The Iowa Republican said being accused of racism gave him "better insight into what he went through for us."
Some people wondered: If that was Jesus in the flames, what message was he sending?
"Second Coming," a series about Jesus' return to Earth, offers cultural commentary on modern-day Christianity. But some Christians called it blasphemous.
"And so it was said in the book of Snapchaticus 4:20," a Twitter user joked.
The women allege they were groped and kissed by men they were raised to believe were representatives of Jesus Christ.
Some critics on Twitter protested that Jesus was not a refugee after the representative-elect wished a merry Christmas to “refugee babies in mangers.”
President Donald Trump goes to extreme lengths to preach his religious credentials.
Fred Armisen returns as Jesus on Sarah Silverman's "I Love You, America."
Christian advocates are debunking Paula White's claim that Jesus was different because he never broke the law.
The actor offers his interpretation of "Christianity, Trump style."
The actor and rocker provided a religious experience for jokesters.
“It goes against pretty much the entire Bible in the ethos of Jesus, and it’s deeply un-Christian.”
Since medieval times, Christians have prepared for Easter with dramatic retellings of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Last month, "The View" co-host claimed Pence had a "mental illness" if he could hear Jesus' voice.
Christians crying out against a single issue compromise the greater picture of Christianity as a whole.
“Inoculate yourself with the word of God," says Gloria Copeland.