Jesus Christ

Laurie Malashanko is part of an ancient order of consecrated virgins.
We must choose a master: either Christ or Trump. Does this mean we should actively seek division amongst ourselves? But it
On the other hand, Mormons are sometimes accused (perhaps rightly) of not believing in the importance of grace, and of believing
That's bad enough. But Trump compounds the outrageousness by directly citing Thomas Jefferson as rationale for the move. While
How is it that those who profess to be the most devout and godly can sit idly by as an ugly nationalist movement sweeps across America, driven by an engine fueled by sexual, gender, religious, ethnic, racial and cultural discrimination?
This isn't a call for religious freedom. We already have that in the United States and have ever since the Constitution was ratified in 1788.
Pardon me. This piece is admittedly too clever by half, but then again, so is The Gospel of Wealth. Two preachers, male and
If I can't listen and learn from others, I am trapped in a very small box of my own life experience. If I can't see another
If we nuke Syria, your dear friend Russia might get upset and step in and retaliate and then we'd have a full on nuclear
During these heavy, pregnant days of Advent- these days of waiting and anticipation- I've been contemplating what sort of
Had Jesus' parents been undocumented immigrants, they and the newborn baby might have been shuffled to a profit-driven, private
"Though we see about us the darkness of unrest, of family discord, of class struggle, of competitive jealousy and of national
Still, I go back to my own definition of religion, that it is part of our quest to be better humans. Sometimes the institution
Let's call the manipulative, cliché, controlling, nonsense what it is: spiritual abuse
Ellis joined CCU last year as affiliate faculty, while still practicing law, and this year she became "full faculty," as