Jesus Christ Superstar

"Cheeto Christ Stupid-Czar" is the comedian's take on Trump calling himself the chosen one -- set to the tunes of the "Jesus Christ Superstar" musical.
The three men reached that pinnacle with their Emmy award-winning work on "Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert."
Chrissy Teigen deserves a medal for her response to Bill O’Reilly’s critique of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
Chrissy Teigen deserves a medal for her response to Bill O’Reilly’s critique of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
“It’s such a powerful, meaningful musical and I’m humbled to be part of this performance," Legend said.
Robert also taught me how to spend money with whimsy, freely with a sense of folly and generosity of spirit - and a touch
Seattle Musical Theatre's latest production Jesus Christ Superstar is a full-tilt, high-energy portrait of the last week of Jesus' life with a focus on his relationships. And it's all done with a non-stop vibrancy that leaves the audience inspired and standing for the final ovation.
Sebastian Bach: "Good titles are a dime a dozen in rock 'n' roll. Try to find a better name for a band than Skid Row. It's like, 'Wow, that's such a good name.' It's like Coca-Cola."
Neeley is reprising his iconic role as Jesus four decades later in Rome, with a musical version of the hit rock opera. He
This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the film, Jesus Christ Superstar and San Francisco's world renowned Castro Theatre is ready to celebrate.
Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson is a hard-rock musical that tells the life story of this nation's seventh president in modern lingo to make the 19th century relevant to youth culture. Lets just say, been there, done that, hella better.
It's immediately clear that "Jesus Christ Superstar" is an equal opportunity offender. Jews were understandably concerned about the way in which they are portrayed, but Christians also took offense.
So what delights can you expect on from Ben's new show at 54 Below, the hot new frequently-completely-p.m., and on Friday & Saturday nights July 13 and 14, also at 11 p.m.? Just watching him talk, smile and sing is enchanting!
It's hard to stop the fiery tour de force that is Ben Vereen. In a candid interview, he opens up about some of his own life challenges, chats about being Usher's godfather, and reveals the key to keeping one's spirits high.
Family music has changed much in recent years, with groups representing every possible musical genre (folk, rock, bluegrass, jazz, Latin, Americana, hip-hop, etc) only under the sub-genre of Kindie Rock.
This production, a zippy revival of the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, is at the Neil Simon Theater. Forty years ago, a rock opera was big news on Broadway, and the pop music and camp elements continue to grab the audience's attention.
When Jesus has died for your sins and the bright lights break out and the orchestra plays the triumphant "da-da-dum" of the title song and the actor playing Jesus strides in blazing white to the front of the stage, you can't help but feel it would be churlish not to rise to your feet, whatever you thought of the show.
It seems fitting that Ben Vereen's performance debut at New York's The Town Hall is taking place as lawmakers in Washington are debating the issue of federally funded arts programs.