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The Atlantic's Ariel Sabar reveals the artifact's previously anonymous owner.
On the question of whether the documentary was accurate, Sheinman said he would leave the matter to theologians and academics
(RNS) Another day, another stunning blockbuster report that … Jesus was married! And to Mary Magdalene! And so it continues
If you ask most New Testament scholars whether Jesus was likely married the mantra is a firm and dogmatic "no" -- there is not a shred of historical evidence that he was ever married or had children.
But Greg Carey, professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, said the story was already well known to Bible
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The discoverer of the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife" says the papyrus was purchased from Hans-Ulrich Laukamp; however, according
I just find it hard to believe that this wandering rabbi and his gang of 12 surely horny men were unmarried and celibate.
The Harvard Theological Review decided not to publish King's paper until further testing and analysis, which included electrical
Nearly every scholar believes that Jesus was unmarried. So do I. As I said, my faith does not rest on his being unmarried--but my reason tells me that he was.
Metaphorical interpretations aside, the apparent confirmation of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Magdala as the ultimate biblical power couple has spawned a movement.
(RNS) The Harvard Theological Review is postponing publication of a major article on the papyrus fragment in which Jesus
Jesus trys to protect them with a strong prohibition against divorce. Perhaps this sheds new light on the recent discovery of a fourth-century fragment of papyrus which contains the line, "Jesus said to them, 'My wife...'"
How timely, that it coincides with an era in which women are being ordained right and left, despite what the Catholic Church says about not ordaining women. Their reason was always because Jesus had no female disciples -- but this blows that idea out of the water.
Authentic though it may be, the new finding will likely not lead to much radical anything. The pope will not smile, the church code will not loosen, the male-owned and operated religions of the world will not suddenly explode and be remade anew.
And it came to pass that Jesus returned to his hometown of Nazareth, and his disciples followed him. In the crowd was the one Jesus favored the most, the woman who was his wife. No one knew her true name. Someone called her Mary once and she got really mad, so everyone just called her Mrs. Jesus.
King, who carefully guarded her discovery until the Rome conference, released photos of the fragment and a draft of a related
They call him Master, though he asks them only to master themselves, to make of their lives what he is making of his. What
I mean, if Jesus was born to endure all the pain that makes us human, then certainly that had to include cleaning out the attic and sleeping on the couch once in a while.