jet blue

Still to be confirmed are twenty daily flights to Havana from Miami, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa
My resolution for 2015: Work on trust, and help my friends and clients do the same -- trust removes all barriers, but you have to earn it, work hard at it, believe in it.
More and more people are seeking out brands with authentic stories. Brands with authentic stories should live and leverage those stories. Brand without those stories can't make them up. (In the information age truth will out.) Instead, they should build them -- not as marketing gimmicks, but as part of their brand essence and organizational culture.
In You Can't Take It With You, things don't go quite as smoothly for the Sycamore family while entertaining their daughter's fiancé and his parents, but what ensues is -- to say the least -- extremely funny.
You may think that because I'm a flight attendant, I'm going to side with the flight attendant, but in this instance, I am not. As a mom and a flight attendant, I completely disagree with the way this was handled.
JetBlue and Southwest Airlines are starting to look less like innovative upstarts -- complete with low fares and unusual perks -- and more like their stodgy competitors. As they age, they may have less room to treat workers well, and employees are starting to respond.
“The unionization of the pilots at JetBlue may signal the blurring of the distinction between the legacy carriers and the
One million students will not have the same opportunities their graduating peers will have. This is a national emergency that needs to be addressed for the sake of America's prosperity and competitive edge.
According to a Sabre spokesman, the affected airlines include Alaska Airlines, American, Frontier, JetBlue, LAN, Virgin America