Jet fuel

Planes do dump jet fuel in emergency landings, but this one flew at low altitude over a populated area, affecting nearly 60 children and adults.
The fuel spilled into the St. Marys River in Decatur, roughly 100 miles northeast of Indianapolis.
The Atlanta-based airline stands by its decision to cut ties with the NRA, despite retaliation by state lawmakers.
Every year around the world, hundreds of millions of children wait anxiously for Santa Claus to arrive and bring presents and good cheer. But what if Santa never came? What if this year the reindeer all fall ill and Santa is forced to cancel Christmas?
Your dinner leftovers could soon be powering your next flight.
Botti declined to comment on how much the group was investing in hybrid and electric technologies. The development of a regional
Though airlines may be squeezing customers on fuel surcharges, airline fees overall have been falling. Airlines took home
Companies that are required under the EPA rules to buy biofuels to meet the target can instead purchase credits based on
USGS scientists have developed a method for mapping grasslands that could be well suited for growing biofuel crops. This boils down to good and basic natural resource management. But just as scientists note that just because it's green doesn't' make it clean, switchgrass has its problems.
Montoya got out unharmed, although he seemed to stagger around the infield grass. The driver of the truck had to be helped