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It was a gift from King Alfonso XII of Spain to his wife, the Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria, to mark their wedding
Joshua Opperman, Founder and CEO of I Do Now I Don't, joins Nancy to talk about how he came up with the idea to create a business for used engagement rings.
LOOK: A pear-shaped, D colour, Type IIA, Flawless, diamond of 101.73 carats Found in Botswana, the diamond was cut from a
When a person takes great pains NOT to be famous, that's when you know something good is going on.
This was a petite woman who carried these exceptionally large jewels as if they were made for her. Some were. But most had legends of their own. Seeing them today behind plexi boxes, I was actually still a little gaga.
See Classic Prouve Pieces, Reinterpreted -- With an Attitude The "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" actor was not the only