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In these digital times, it is not hard to find a Jewish film, anytime, anywhere, on almost any device. Still, Jewish film festivals continue to grow and spread across the country, keeping alive not only Jewish life, but the spirit of communal viewing and interaction beyond the screening.
WASHINGTON -- The 23rd annual Washington Jewish Film Festival kicked off this week. Presented by the Washington DC Jewish
WASHINGTON -- Tickets for the 23rd annual Washington Jewish Film Festival went sale on Friday. Presented by the Washington
Today, the communal lifestyles of Jews are evolving and changing unlike anything in the last several centuries. Many synagogues and community centers are scrambling to figure out how to connect to a younger generation that is more transient and globally minded than ever before.
It is our privilege to be alive while the last Holocaust survivors are still on this earth and our responsibility to ensure that their stories are remembered. Jewish film festivals should live up to this responsibility as well.
As both a rallying cry and as a point of departure, Jewish culture, to paraphrase Claude Levi Strauss, is good to think with.
The festival showcases a vivid tapestry of the Jewish experience. Many of the films may not receive a commercial release, so now is the time to take in a screening.