Jewish refugees

I wish the late Abbie Hoffman was around to answer that question; after all, it was the same Yiddish epithet he hurled at
So it might be time to rethink the administration's refugee policy, Sean Spicer.
The president's initial proposal would have been impractical and potentially illegal to implement.
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, it's worth actually remembering the Holocaust.
On May 27th, 1939, a ship called the St. Louis arrived in Havana, Cuba. A little over 900 Jewish refugees from Germany were
This Friday night, Jews around the world will gather at Seder tables with friends and family to tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. We are commanded to tell the story as if we had personally fled slavery, transforming the experience from the simple recounting of an ancient tale to an exercise of empathy and reflection on the suffering of others.
In 1939, it was the Jews whose lives were threatened. Today, it is the Syrians. I can think of no cause more important, and more satisfying, than saving the lives of those threatened by racial, religious, sexual or political persecution.