Jewish studies

Yeshivas are garnering media attention because some of their graduates are blasting them for focusing primarily on Jewish studies and not teaching basic math and literacy skills.
Summer is waning, and college students across America are gearing up for the new semester. While many will stress over course
The following is a guest post by Jenny Katz, the Volunteer Coordinator at Civic Works, an organization whose mission is to
Daniel R.. Schwarz is author of Imagining the Holocaust (1999). While Wiesel wrote many books, it is Night by which he is
We academics tend to blame others for the lack of interest in what we do professionally. But the sad truth is that much of what afflicts intellectual culture in this country is very much our own fault.
In Jewish tradition, the Jabbok symbolizes the enigmatic boundary between life and death. The far bank of the river, the locus of Jacob's struggle, is a liminal frontier shrouded in mystery and fear. But it is also a realm of transition and transformation.
Secular academic institutions have gained unprecedented endowments for their professorships and programs in Jewish studies. But at what cost has Jewish learning entered the academy?