His claim that Democrat-leaning Jewish Americans are 'disloyal' is outright anti-Semitic, the ADL says.
President Donald Trump said that Jewish people who vote for a Democrat show “great disloyalty.”
These young, progressive Jews are insisting that saying "Never again" to the Holocaust means speaking up about the government's treatment of migrants.
This isn’t the first time Trump has evoked comparisons to Esther, an ancient Jewish queen who risked her life to save her people.
Trump's criticism ignores his own insensitivities to Jewish people.
MaNishtana wants to remind people that "there's not one way to be Jewish."
Every year, Jews gather around the menorah and celebrate eight days of Hanukkah.
Every year, Jews gather around the menorah and celebrate eight days of Hanukkah.
Hatred and suspicion of Jews is inextricably intertwined with the white supremacy at the heart of the GOP's message.
“It is deeply disturbing to see the Russian president giving new life to classic anti-Semitic stereotypes."
Daily reports of anti-Semitism in different areas of the U.S. are alarming many in the Jewish community and beyond. Last
Hayes's answers are full of insight and powerful historical detail. In the chapter on "Why the Jews," he notes the irony
In truth I thought my protest days were behind me. Instead since Donald Trump's election and inauguration protests have again
The Muslim ban is not about defeating terrorism. It would have done nothing to stop any of the terrorist attacks in recent
The first time I was in Whitefish was the last time the Falcons were in the Superbowl (#33). We came for the skiing and the
I am not going to pretend there is anything normal about your presidency. I am not going to pretend that you are entitled to respect.
However, the status of Christmas is a minor issue for the Islamist radicals committing murder and mayhem in the Middle East