The former president addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition.
The NBA guard and the Brooklyn Nets will each donate $500,000 to anti-hate groups after Irving’s apparent promotion of a much-condemned film.
"Antisemitism has gone mainstream, but it's been running unchecked for years."
The comedian promoted her "Santa Inc." comedy series and worked in some funny one-liners about the true meaning of the holiday.
During a visit to the Ford Motor Co. factory, President Donald Trump praised the good “bloodlines” of Henry Ford, the noted anti-Semite.
The 10-time Grammy winner says the president's goal is to "find a common enemy for everybody to hate."
An evangelical pastor who has said Jews are going to hell spoke at the White House Hanukkah reception.
Robert Jeffress has also made inflammatory comments about Muslims, Mormons and Hindus.
His claim that Democrat-leaning Jewish Americans are 'disloyal' is outright anti-Semitic, the ADL says.
President Donald Trump said that Jewish people who vote for a Democrat show “great disloyalty.”