jfk 50th anniversary

Without a doubt, November 22 was a historical inflection point that happened in my back yard but I never asked so much as one question when the opportunity to do so was at hand with people very near to the actual event.
Many Americans believe the conspiracies surrounding JFK's death are real. "While Kennedy's sad fate probably cannot be separated
Boxes full of documents and artifacts about Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, have been revealed for the first time in nearly 50 years.
But Kennedy wasn't the only victim that day. As the alleged murderer fled the scene, a heroic police officer named J.D. Tippit
Nov 20 (Reuters) - Richard Mosk knows they got it right. "He took a pot shot, and the pot shot happened to hit," said Weinreb
The truth has become buried in a quagmire of junk science and as a result, the underlying principles of this country, truth, justice and liberty for all, have been lost. Much more than John F. Kennedy died in November 1963; in many ways our nation died with him.
Others have used the occasion to float conspiracy theories and express skepticism about the investigation over Kennedy's
"[W]e liked Jackie. We wanted to see Jackie, and that was the main reason to come downtown," Moorman said in what "Today
Kennedy Townsend isn't the first to express skepticism over the true story behind Kennedy's assassination. Though he's now
The Kennedy Family itself was invented in the 1840s by The Finger, a consortium that included oil speculators, the Illuminati, the Catholic Church, Freemasons, Whigs, and extraterrestrials from the Phoenix Dwarf and Triangulum Galaxies.