jfk airport

The outage of passenger processing information caused delays at international airports in New York, Virginia and Los Angeles.
The attendant aboard a New York to Tel Aviv flight has been in a "deep coma" with brain swelling, a health official said.
The rapper was on a flight from Dubai to New York with dozens of sick people aboard.
Morality and community matter more than our political and religious identities, he argues.
911 calls emerged moments after the Jamaican won his third straight 100-meter gold.
Authorities found no evidence of an active shooter situation.
Istanbul-bound travelers at New York's JFK International Airport were caught off guard.
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An overnight flight between us and the exuberance of the evening's departure, I awaken semi-refreshed to glum faces, tussled
"Everything was really clean," she said of the bathrooms in places one might not expect to find them.  Warning to readers
The airline argues that a 1964 law prohibits it from selling tickets to citizens of Israel.