Jian Ghomeshi

Buruma's exit follows the Review's publication of an essay by a disgraced former Canadian radio personality.
Many women on Twitter were aghast over the issue's theme and Ghomeshi's inclusion.
The recent allegations against a gender queer punk rocker reminds us there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model.
No one has forgotten the allegations made against the former Canadian radio host.
Earlier, a judge found the former Canadian radio personality not guilty of sexual assault.
I've always been very outspoken with my opinions. I support women's rights and animal rights, and in today's world, that makes me a dissenter. I'm far from politically correct.
We propose a re-imagining of future sexual assault trials in order to respond to the realities of sexual assault survivors while also respecting the rights of an accused.
Three women told the court that Ghomeshi hit them, pulled their hair, or choked them during intimacy.
It's all over the news, and as the Jian Ghomeshi trial begins, my hands are frigid. Yours may be, too. There are so many of us who have been sexual assault victims.
Comparing how quickly activists came together to form the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements in the '60s, to current sprouting social movements fueled by hashtags like #ICantBreathe, one can observe the exponential amplification value that social media serves in activism today.