jill abramson

The former New York Times editor insisted that lifting other people's work is OK if credited in the footnotes.
The former New York Times executive editor is under fire as several journalists have accused her of plagiarizing in her book, "Merchants of Truth."
The "Merchants of Truth" author denied a Vice News reporter's damning allegations but vowed to review the passages.
The president leapt at a Fox News report that quoted the editor's upcoming book.
"The idea of someone so flagrantly telling untruths to ascend to the highest legal position in the U.S. remains shocking, in addition to its being illegal."
"I'm not going to pull any punches,” says Los Angeles bureau chief Adam Nagourney.
In the Commonwealth Club audience were more than a few who had earlier chanted "Run, Bernie run!" when another candidate dropped by, but Brock got a rousing applause. The left, it seems, is substantially more considerate than the right.