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They don't care that close to 2 million people tuned into the premiere episode.
Sisters Jill and Jessa will have their own show after their brother confessed to molesting underage girls as a teen.
"Not only was it a betrayal against me, but it was also a betrayal for those who call themselves Christian."
TLC has hardly cut ties with the Duggars after canceling "19 Kids and Counting" in July.
The specials reportedly will not include their older brother Josh Duggar, who admitted to molesting underage girls as a teen.
In a clip from from the sisters' upcoming interview airing on Fox, Jessa also defends her brother while calling herself his
If you follow 19 Kids and Counting, you probably know that Jill has been training to be a midwife since 2012. She's helped to deliver lots of babies born at home, and was planning on a home birth for herself as well. For whatever reason, it didn't happen. And I'm kind of glad it didn't.
Jill and Derick Dillard welcomed their first child this week but she revealed that everything didn’t go quite as planned.
Another Duggar baby has arrived! Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her husband Derick welcomed their first child, son Israel David