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In the ensuing months, Jill Kelley has emerged as an advocate for greater Internet privacy and received an award from the
In Tampa, Jill Kelley was certainly not known to shy away from the press or the famous. David Petraeus was Tampa's George Clooney -- and she and her sister were blatant wannabe Stacey Keiblers.
Jill Kelley CEO Florida Matchmaking Corporation Her little dog, Pillows, began to bark furiously as the Mexicans entered
Last Sunday I got an email: "I think I have convinced Jill Kelly to speak with you if you are still interested?... She wants the promise of a cover and an assurance that the interview will be favorable." I laughed. Today I saw, to my astonishment, that Kelley appeared to have got her conditions -- in The Daily Beast.
Jill Kelley was not the first to see the anonymous email that would rupture her comfortable life as a wealthy Tampa socialite
Will Broadwell Be Punished? Military Sex Scandals Are Not Okay This blog was originally posted onShelley Ross' daily Xpress
Who doesn't understand the coupling? Hot hard bodies under a hot desert sky. A craggy faced general and his bicep bodalicious biographer. Bring it on. I'd sign up for the military if it meant more of that.
Shelton dismissed the scandal to the Post, blaming it on Petraeus' "Achilles' heel." Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus admitted
Petraeus' predicament might not tell us much about effective crisis management, but the generals and their girlfriends do serve up five important reminders.
People seek out mentorship, business dealings and contacts with other successful people who can help them (and hopefully, that they can help in return). It's a necessary part of career growth and advancement and it should be viewed as a positive. But if you are a woman, it's not.