jillian bell

Paul Downs Colaizzo's film, starring Jillian Bell as a millennial party girl turned novice athlete, looks poised to be this summer's sleeper hit.
"Women talk about women!" Abbi Jacobson of Comedy Central's "Broad City" shared this semi-sarcastic, potential lead with
Second-hand embarrassment at an all-time high.
Channing Tatum rapping about grazing other dudes penises as a way of saying, "Hey, bro, what's up?" We didn't even know that
What was your audition like for "22 Jump Street"? I was incredibly nervous before walking into the room because I knew Jonah
After I saw 22 Jump Street, I noted publicly that, while it was funnier than 21 Jump Street, so was my root canal. (Although the latter did include laughing gas.) Still, the bar wasn't particularly high.
So much has been written about Channing Tatum's chemistry with Jonah Hill in the "21 Jump Street" franchise -- no, really
"It definitely helps to let the audience know that you know what they know," Miller told HuffPost Entertainment. "That's
Jillian Bell's is a tale of success that is not surprising, given that she started studying improv at just eight years old in Las Vegas. She possesses that rare gift of humanizing the quirkiest of characters.