Jillian Michaels

“I deserve to be happy,” the “Truth Hurts” singer stated on Instagram.
“Why are we celebrating her body? … ‘Cause it isn’t gonna be awesome if she gets diabetes,” the former “Biggest Loser” coach said.
“I really wish I had handled it differently in the moment.”
Go from your couch to a 5k in no time.
The "gun-based applicator shoots the titanium so far up your vag," the celebrity trainer promises.
Keep those tissues handy for the proposal.
"We don't allow them to harm us or hurt us."
Yeowch! That can't be right. Can it? 20 pounds! 20! The scale must be wrong. It has to be wrong. I haven't been eating that much, have I?
What if, upon graduating from college, grad school, or even high school, you had the opportunity to sit down with thirty of the world's most fascinating and accomplished leaders and have an intimate talk?