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Officials worry that the runoff whiskey could cause environmental damage.
The protectionist trade policy also threatens jobs in industries from Kentucky bourbon to Wisconsin cranberries.
In celebration of #BourbonRebirth, I've named the 15 most-important brands (not distilleries) for bringing bourbon back. My criteria for creating this list was who made the biggest impact through sales, quality, marketing, innovation and trendsetting since 1980, a year this beloved spirit was left for dead.
As September approaches, it's time to prepare for the most-important month--Bourbon Heritage Month.
In 2003 Booker Noe laid down fewer than 100 barrels filled with a special rye blend for Jim Beam. Noe chose specific rack
We are living in a time of great social shifts and as a result great cultural and social movements.
"Seinfeld" lawyer Jackie Chiles is back. In the video above, Jim Beam calls Jackie Chiles (Phil Morris) to talk about bears
These bourbons and ryes will make you proud of our country.
What is it about rare whisky that makes it so enticing, so desirable, so irresistible?
As for Buffalo Trace Distillery's shortage, press representative Amy Preske told HuffPost that the company is making efforts
Kid Rock's "Best Night Ever" summer tour has made headlines for its $20 ticket pricing, after he slammed the pricing for
About 100 years ago, my great-grandfather Jim Beam bought the family house on North Third Street. Back then, it was called "Distiller's Row" because all the major distillers lived there.
Hear me now, wives and children, and hear me clear: Put down the tie. Step away from the cologne. What we want this Father's Day is whiskey.