jim clyburn

The 43rd president credited the South Carolina Democrat for helping bring about an end to the Trump era.
Security will be much better than it was Jan. 6 — and it’s important to send a message.
Trump appointees sought to change reports "in a misguided effort to achieve herd immunity,” House investigators found.
Dr. Charlotte Kent told congressional investigators she believes the deletion order came from CDC Director Robert Redfield.
Republicans, including White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, have downplayed the president's suggestion that the election be delayed.
Joe Biden will campaign from home, while President Donald Trump is still planning to travel, despite warnings to shelter in place.
The endorsement by Democratic Rep. Karen Bass of California is the latest testament of a growing coalescence of support for Biden’s White House bid.
The Southern state is Joe Biden's so-called "firewall."
The Vermont senator's win solidified his front-runner status in the crowded field as the race turned to Saturday's presidential primary in South Carolina.
The 2020 presidential candidate laid out the proposal along with Democratic House Whip James Clyburn.