jim crow laws

GOP lawmakers ultimately decided not to advertise the segregationist nature of the voting measure.
“This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” Joe Biden said about the law that Georgia's governor signed on Thursday.
A Supreme Court decision on a Jim Crow law could entitle hundreds of prisoners in Louisiana to seek relief.
The law is expected to severely restrict voting access in the state and will disproportionately affect Black voters.
Courts ended legal segregation long ago, but Jim Crow language remains preserved in Alabama's lengthy constitution.
Isabel Wilkerson's ambitious new book seeks to reframe American racism — and place it among a pantheon of other brutal caste systems.
The former president said Democrats should ditch the “Jim Crow relic” to make Election Day a national holiday, end gerrymandering and revitalize the Voting Rights Act.
Ta-Nehisi Coates testified before Congress in support of reparations for slavery.
Republican efforts to overthrow election results in lame duck sessions are yet another way the party is trying to undermine democracy.
It was true when Emmett Till was lynched, and it's true today.
We want problematic women to be the victims, even as they actively pursue policies and positions that destroy others.
The National Memorial for Peace and Justice draws a line from the slavery and lynching of the past to the criminal justice system of today.
A new memorial in Alabama will recognize the people of color lost to lynching in America.
Racism died with Jim Crow so when will Black people be satisfied?
I find inspiration in the beauty of this land and in the resistance of Southern people.
It is important to consider that the freedom of speech isn’t an inherent good.
The failure to acknowledge our past goes well beyond New Orleans and Louisiana, as racial injustice continues to reside in virtually every aspect of American life.