Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan, the usually clean-cut comic, followed up his profanity-laced rant against President Donald Trump with a challenge to Trump supporters.
Gaffigan defends his anti-Trump rant and urges the president's supporters to consider one key factor on Election Day.
The comic calls out the president for making "disgusting" claims about Martin Gugino, who was injured by police in Buffalo last week.
AMC has cast the comedian in a dark comedy centering on the controversial Canadian politician, who was caught on video smoking crack cocaine.
No Oscars host? "Thankfully ... there will still be the red carpet."
The comic says it's time to bring back beer that actually tastes like beer.
“Ninety percent of parenting is hiding iPads from your children.”
"I know he’s really got a good soul and a good heart," Gaffigan told the Daily News.