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McGrath's victory continues the success women and political newcomers have found in Democratic primaries.
Retired fighter pilot Amy McGrath’s upstart primary campaign thinks it's found a way to talk to disaffected voters.
An openly gay man, a woman and a black man will now compete to serve a district that has never elected a gay, female or black representative.
Jim Gray makes his case to the people of Kentucky.
Jim Gray wants to restore the American dream for Kentucky families, but he knows it’ll be an uphill battle.
Pete Mahurin is the kind of person I want to 'move my money" to. He started life in Short Creek, Kentucky with hopes, dreams
I recently asked a number of people in the "political know" of Kentucky the question. "Who do you see emerging as the next leaders of Kentucky?"
No matter how you cut it, ESPN's July special focused on LeBron James' free agency hosted by Jim Gray left a bad taste with the sports world.
By now you've heard the offense against basketball star LeBron James' one-hour TV special to announce his team choice -- that