Jim Hodges

Leadership isn’t about verbally declaring a disaster area, or signing the paperwork and letting the locals sort it out.
One hopes that this happy marriage between visual art and theater performance will continue to flourish in LA.
The museum will treat the general public as well, with a free 24-hour opening party of music, performances, film and food, starting on August 9th at 5p.m. and stretching into 5pm the next day.
In 2003, I organized an exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum entitled For your pleasure. The premise was that "a new conceptual approach has been emerging in art since the turn of the millennium: a spirit of generosity toward the viewer.
In times of grief, I seek solace with art. I hope that in my role as director of a museum of contemporary art, I am able to play some small role in facilitating an experience that might provide solace for others.
The Peter Norton Family Christmas Art Project is the epitome of cool. Beyond the beauty, the process and its production benefits many people in very interesting ways.
Art is more accessible than ever before in history. What's best is that everyone can now buy real art made by recognized contemporary masters for modest prices.
An AP photographer snapped the actor checking out the work "end of knowledge" (24K gold on primed linen, 2008-2009) by US