Jim Inhofe

The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee quickly unloaded the stock after a report that it was purchased after he urged Trump to boost defense spending.
His clashes with Trump would explain the decision not to keep the flag at half-staff, Sen. Jim Inhofe said.
It's a bad sign when even GOP Sen. James Inhofe is questioning the EPA administrator's future.
Andrew Wheeler would automatically take over the EPA if embattled Administrator Scott Pruitt leaves.
The president proposed billions in spending, but no one can agree on how to pay for it.
As a Senate aide in 2005, Andrew Wheeler went after state air pollution regulators for opposing his boss's bill.
The polls are wrong, the opposition is distorting the truth, and tax cuts are "generally unpopular."
One senator called nominee Jim Bridenstine's behavior "as extreme as any" he'd seen in Washington.
He said a 31 percent cut to the agency's budget will be "good" for the American people.
Unless he's got something stashed in the freezer, the congressman won't be repeating his pitch this year.
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