Jim Jordan

The former "Sons of Anarchy" star had a busy weekend clapping back at conservatives on Twitter.
Adam DiSabato claims that the GOP congressman will become further embroiled in a sex abuse scandal at Ohio State University.
Others are "going to come out" with information about how much Jordan knew, said a former team captain.
“It is infuriating that these three men are allowed to show their faces in polite society," said the "Full Frontal" host.
The GOP lawmaker responded to a referee's allegation that Jordan waved off former Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss' sexual misconduct in 1994.
A new lawsuit alleges that GOP congressman and staunch ally of President Donald Trump was aware of sexual abuse by disgraced doctor Richard Strauss.
President Donald Trump is demanding to meet “In person” with the whistleblower who exposed he asked Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election.
"I can't believe that's OK with you," the host told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).
Trump allies are twisting a report that clears the whistleblower of partisan bias to argue the exact opposite.
“But you said his credibility is shot, right?" Bret Baier grilled the Republican lawmaker.