Jim Jordan

The California Democrat highlighted Republican hypocrisy as he called out the Ohio lawmaker for defying a subpoena.
The MSNBC video shows how quickly some GOP lawmakers have changed their tune.
The Fulton County district attorney called out the GOP lawmaker for attempting to "interfere with an active criminal case."
Rep. Jim Jordan and House Republicans had demanded that U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware come in soon for a closed-door interview.
The Republican lawmaker blamed his earpiece for the strange moment.
The Ohio Republican's critics agreed with him for once... just not in the way the congressman likely hoped.
Jordan claimed Trump did declassify material when he was president, apparently contradicting a tape recording of Trump himself.
“There are some things that I agree with Nick Fuentes on, and some that I don’t,” the former White House staffer told HuffPost.
Michael Steele slammed the Trump-loving Republican's "dog and pony show" as a complete self-own.
Republicans saw their hearing about the FBI’s alleged anti-conservative bias go off the rails after Democrats called out their so-called whistleblower witnesses.