Jim Justice

The president and the governor have both given bad advice about dealing with COVID-19.
Initially, Jim Justice said people who found the term racist were "absurd." Now he's sorry "if I’ve done anything that has offended them."
Trainees and staffers with a state agency gave the salute in a class photo, saying they were honoring an instructor.
State officials are investigating who was involved in photo of a recent correctional officer training class.
One local black leader called former state delegate Jill Upson’s appointment “absolutely absurd.”
Any state that's been telling teachers to tighten their belts for years has been put on notice.
Legislators passed a bill giving teachers and state employees a 5 percent raise.
The state Senate didn't deliver on the pay hikes the governor had laid out.
Workers across the state continued the strike after a tentative deal floundered. Now their solidarity will be tested.
Teachers do what they do for love, but they also do it for money.