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Two former top White House aides came to the defense of David Axelrod, a former advisor to President Barack Obama, on Thursday
My exhaling having been thwarted, I resolved to focus on my in-breath by meditating. No sooner did I hit the cushion than
Jim Messina, the former campaign manager to President Barack Obama who spent two decades in politics out of the public eye
Earlier this month, the group announced an executive leadership team that includes a number of former Obama and Clinton campaign
The Obama team rightly assumed the news would spark outrage. The group had proposed hiring an “extremely literate conservative
When the great actor Matt Damon recently said that President Obama "broke up with me," he hit the jackpot of telling political truth in the eyes of many progressive Democrats and independents.
If early education is done well -- and the Obama plan builds in safeguards designed to assure quality -- there's abundant evidence that it's the smartest investment we can make in children's futures.
Cutter, 44, is a veteran Democrat communicator who has worked for former President Bill Clinton, former Sen. Edward Kennedy
One of the stars of Barack Obama's 2012 State of the Union address was Jackie Bray, a single mother who was laid off in 2011
Jim Messina, who is leading the effort by Organizing For Action to press for tougher gun laws, has a problem: his old boss. OFA, the offshoot of the Obama campaign now organized as a nonprofit organization, has made gun control its top priority, and Messina has been the public face of that effort. The president on Thursday pressed supporters to keep the pressure on by swarming congressional town halls during Congress' recess to drive the message home.
That might be for the best, tactically, said another former top Senate aide who worked closely with Baucus and Messina. "Jim
Jim Messina: Will be 'Political Price" For Not Supporting Background Checks
“I think [it was] after the August debt-limit crisis, and August 2011 where our numbers were, you know, historically low
The president recognizes that the power to make change doesn't reside only in Washington; it sits within all of us. We can raise our voices, influence our friends, get our lawmakers' attention, and create our own groundswell.
Can P.D.A., the C.P.C. and O.F.A. work together to build a larger coalition? Will Jim Messina reach out to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party? Hey, the president offered a progressive agenda, Jim. Why not?
President Barack Obama may have run the last campaign of his career, but his political organization is not going away. In an unprecedented step for the campaign of a sitting president, Obama for America is relaunching itself ahead of the president's second inauguration as a social welfare nonprofit group called Organizing for Action.
First reported Thursday night by the Los Angeles Times and Politico, the new group will use the Obama campaign's extensive
The Obama campaign is pitching a new online calling tool, which enables people to call their Republican representatives or, if you live in a blue area, to call fellow Obama supporters in redder pastures and urge them to get on the phone. That's pretty sophisticated activism.
The call centers that completed these analytics surveys typically specialize in "voter identification," the process of contacting