Jim O'Neill

As the latest BRICS summit approaches, the group's economic future looks bright.
Nick Lardy, China specialist at Washington's Peterson Institute for International Economics, says the rebalancing underway in the world's second largest economy is a good thing.
Harlan Green © 2013 That is one reason even a hint by Fed Chairman Bernanke and others that the Fed might "taper" QE purchases
Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Consumer spending in Brazil, Russia, India and China may surpass U.S. purchases in 15 years and companies
The face of today's global competitiveness is changing by the minute. There are remarkable signs that today's centers of growth and influence look very different than they did fifty, ten or even five years ago.
Jim O'Neill shot to fame by predicting the staggering rise of emerging-market economies. Now the head of Goldman Sachs (GS
"Perhaps Canada is a shining example for many countries under pressure," Jim O'Neil told CNBC in an interview this morning
Today -- as global trade lies dead, as unemployment rises, as wages and incomes plummet, as US consumption and investment falls -- share prices zoom upwards and commodity prices rock.