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Tuesday night's episode of Comedy Central's "@Midnight" challenged viewers to join them in their "Hashtag War" segment by
When speaking with the New York Times, McHale, who plays Jeff Winger on the series hinted at his frustration with the fourth
In A Single Shot, opening in limited release Friday and available on VOD, actor Sam Rockwell looks as though he's right at home as a veteran outdoorsman who keeps meat on the table with his rifle. Nothing, Rockwell says, could be further from the truth.
An exclusive sneak peek at "The Writers' Room" episode featuring "American Horror Story."
Here's hoping Khan has better luck with "Fresh Off the Boat." Because a network must pay a penalty to the studio if they
"He was so great. He was so fun," Schur noted. Poehler explained that she and Biden improvised. "He just kept going with
Amy Poehler talks about nearly kissing Joe Biden on "Parks and Recreation" on the upcoming August 5th episode of “The Writers’ Room” hosted by Jim Rash. "Parks" creator Mike Schur, Poehler and the writers/producers reveal secrets from the show.
Click over to Deadline for more. The show follows Patrick, a handsome, popular man who is being held back by his insecurities
3 popped kernels (Scale: 0-4) 14-year-old boy spends the summer at the beach with his mom and her new boyfriend Popcorn Profile
They started by pleading with him in a long letter. But while Carell said that he liked the script, their shooting time was