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Fans of "Community" are excited about the return of series creator Dan Harmon, and they have series stars Joel McHale and
In A Single Shot, opening in limited release Friday and available on VOD, actor Sam Rockwell looks as though he's right at home as a veteran outdoorsman who keeps meat on the table with his rifle. Nothing, Rockwell says, could be further from the truth.
An exclusive sneak peek at "The Writers' Room" episode featuring "American Horror Story."
It's already been a lucrative development season for Khan, who just sold "Fatrick" to Fox, with fellow executive producers
In this week's episode (Monday, Aug. 5 at 10 p.m. ET), Amy Poehler, Mike Schur and the "Parks and Recreation" writers reveal
Amy Poehler talks about nearly kissing Joe Biden on "Parks and Recreation" on the upcoming August 5th episode of “The Writers’ Room” hosted by Jim Rash. "Parks" creator Mike Schur, Poehler and the writers/producers reveal secrets from the show.
Click over to Deadline for more. The Huffington Post confirmed Deadline's report. The show follows Patrick, a handsome, popular
"Duncan. Duncan. Let me ask you something... on a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think you are?" "I don't know," says Duncan
"And so, we said, 'What if we shot it where you vacation with your family?'" Faxon told Leno. "And that was enough to do
Based, in part, on Rash's own youth, "The Way, Way Back" focuses on Duncan (Liam James), a 14-year-old introvert who comes
Series star Joel McHale also spoke out about Harmon's return. "Dan is the voice of the show and there's nobody else on the
Jim: ...because he is very personable and very extroverted in the sense that he just really feeds off people and he takes
Do you notice when someone is phoning it in? I do. I think what makes great comedians like Will Ferrell or Zack Galifianakis
Many fans were pleasantly surprised to hear "Community" would be returning for a Season 5, as were cast members like Joel
Jim Rash joins HuffPost Live to talk about "Community" and hints that season 5 may be its last.
Allison Janney joins Josh to describe her 'West Wing' dressing room.
Jim Rash and Allison Janney joins HuffPost Live to reveal the inspirations behind the characters in 'The Way Way Back'
"Community" has had a rough go of things from the very start, and some say that cast and producer shifts and ratings-hungry
Our favorite greendale study group's senior year has definitely not been all that bad, as exemplified by the exceptional "Herstory of Dance" episode. We saw Britta achieve success against all odds, Abed demonstrate emotional growth and Jeff get some closure for his daddy issues. Thus, inspired by four years of exceptional "small" mistakes, we bring you our pick of most Britta'd moments. Here's hoping six seasons and a movie will come about to embody the latter definition of Britta-ing.