jimmy hoffa mystery

A law enforcement source says that you can forget about finding Jimmy Hoffa's body. Apparently, Hoffa was run through a wood chipper in Inkster, Mich., after being garroted by Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, a notorious New York mobster.
According to the Associated Press, Robert Foley, special agent for the Detroit FBI division, told reporters that the agency
Although Hoffa disappeared nearly 40 years ago, the feds haven't given up trying to locate his remains around Metro Detroit
For one, Zerilli claims, the meat grinder story is "baloney." According to Zerilli, Hoffa was buried in a shallow grave, and
There is another news report this week about a potential lead in solving the case of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance. Rather than participating in the media circus, I ask you to reflect for a moment on the impact of his abduction on those who loved him most -- his family.
Though the FBI and local police will investigate a tip that claims to solve the mystery of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance in
After years of rumors, the search for Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters boss who disappeared in 1975, is going underground. Police