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Jimmy John's, Arby's, Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's, McDonald's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Carl's Jr. have agreed to drop their controversial "no poach" provisions.
He said he wasn't scared and the robbery felt like "amateur hour."
Go ahead, make sandwiches wherever you want in the Empire State.
The chain has scrapped the tightest restrictions in its manual. That'll make it easier to work there.
The deal will value the company around $2 billion, people who have seen the deal documents say.
In March, The Verge reported that Amazon.com had been asking low-wage temporary warehouse workers to sign similar agreements
No high-tops allowed. Low-rise athletic shoes may be worn if they are black, white, gray or red, but "any other accent color
But Kathleen Chavez, the plaintiffs' lawyer, said she believes the ruling missed the mark. Even if it goes unenforced here
As HuffPost first reported in October, many rank-and-file workers at Jimmy John's have been required to sign noncompete contracts
Several workers on review websites described the pay at Camp Bow Wow as low-wage. Glassdoor.com pegged the average hourly
It is not clear whether the lawyers were vegetarians but they related to Heather's distress. They concluded that if Heather's sandwich did not include alfalfa sprouts, there were probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other customers who had ordered vegetarian sandwiches expecting to find alfalfa sprouts who had been disappointed by their absence.
Jimmy John's had declined to comment on the letter as of Tuesday evening. The letter to the FTC and the Labor Department