Jimmy Johnson

Art and thought have long been adversaries of convention. When practiced with intention, both can call into question the moral legitimacy of social and economic norms kept (largely) in place to preserve the comfort of a few.
The Fox Sports host says the way she's treated sometimes makes her "salty."
Dewa Budjana's music is the distillation of many diverse influences outside of the world of rock and pop, including the fusion music of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Soft Machine, and the Indonesian music rooted in his heritage.
Either the title of the documentary Muscle Shoals resonates with you -- in which case it resonates hard -- or you have no idea what it means. But you should -- or you should find out by watching the movie, one of the year's most entertaining and enriching nonfiction films.
This album grows on you each time you play it. Put it on your CD player or iPod and simply sit back and enjoy. Steve Gadd's staid, subtle performance throughout is a testament to his ability to let the music speak for itself with a total lack of hubris.
Reports of the demise of the music-sharing blogosphere have been greatly exaggerated. To be sure, the abrupt disappearance of beloved sites is upsetting, but the reality is that far more blogs that reach the end of the line, do so voluntarily.
Despite the loss of his foot and severe injuries, Finley hopes he will be able to run again one day, and doctors called him
According to NBC Chicago, Fioretti, noting his office had already received many calls in support of a city pit bull ban, said
Neither dog, both of which weighed approximately 70 pounds, had identifying microchips or tags. Their remains will be tested
What the sports commentator establishment ignores is that Tebow's religious fervor is not important to the fans. Fans could care less whether he proudly flaunts his piety instead of concealing it.
He then pulled us onto the infield grass in front of pit lane where race winners sometimes do their victory donuts and asked
Jeff, thinking to mock her, asked if anyone else wanted to quit with only 11 days left. Kelly No-Longer-Here had her hand
The promo described this as an "All-New Survivor." I must look up their meaning for "all-new," as it was new clips of old events. No game advancement tonight. Yawn.
Cute, young Benry wanted to put the tribe's focus back where he felt it belonged: "We need to go beat these old people." I sure hope he's talking about the game.
Did they neglect the psych evaluations on the contestants this time around? Because we saw some seriously deranged behavior in this week's episode of Survivor, not to mention a crime wave of footwear theft.
The Dallas Cowboys legend was leaving STK in L.A. last night when we asked him about Johnson -- who's currently in Nicaragua
It began with Jeff Probst's voice telling us: "This is Nicaragua: remote, mysterious, dangerous." He left out poverty-ridden (second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, barely beating out Haiti), oppressed, run by a powerful Marxist leader.
NEW YORK — Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson will be a contestant on the reality television show "Survivor" this season. CBS
This season of Survivor is in Nicaragua. It will debut in September on CBS. Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson is to take part