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The Supreme Court declined to hear whether Jimmy Page plagiarized an instrumental by 1960s band Spirit to create the riff for the classic 1971 rock ballad.
The 1974 recording of "Scarlet" is finally getting its due.
"Go wrong strong." ~ Miles Davis And then there is Michael Schenker. For me, Michael Schenker is something like "The Blair
The Led Zeppelin guitarist said he's staying positive.
The band is accused of stealing the opening chords for their 1971 hit from another song.
Judge finds "substantial" similarity to song of band that toured with the popular rockers.
Clapton has received respect from both rockers and blues players. He's broken racial stereotypes and is equally loved by both genders. He's overcome personal pain, beyond what most people could bear, and turned all that emotional roughage into hit songs.
Tracy's Wax & Gold videos are accruing views aplenty, her gigs bring in the faithful as well as younger ears, and she's found a business model that works. "It is a lot of work but I feel it is a conversation with people who 'get me' -- and that's the fun of doing this right now!"
What a shame that high-caliber musicians could get turned away from music schools simply because they have no desire to read notation. Most schools don't currently have a notation-free track to put them on anyway.
Rock on! Diane Downs, the group's founder and artistic director, told HuffPost that the band plans to make a thank-you video