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The sex abuse of BBC's infamous DJ, the late Jimmy Savile, is even worse than originally discovered -- including sex with corpses. HuffPost UK's Jessica Elgot joins Alyona to break down the new discoveries.
* Health secretary apologizes to victims (Adds quotes, details) Savile was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and honored by the
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A culture of consent is based on the rights of potential victims instead of on the rights of potential rapists.  Which would you prefer?
LONDON, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Dozens of victims of alleged sexual abuse by the late British television star Jimmy Savile have
A lengthy report last month cleared of the BBC of any cover-up but said it had missed numerous warnings. He also ran about
The official investigation — headed by former Sky News head Nick Pollard — cleared the BBC of allegations of a cover-up on
He told reporters the claim "went right to the heart of the BBC's reputation, integrity, and the trust which we depend on
Thompson, who previously served as director-general of the BBC, assumed the role as Times CEO in November amidst scandal
* About 450 people give info about dead TV presenter He ran about 200 marathons for charity, raising tens of millions of
Thompson did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding Entwistle's resignation. Earlier, he declined to
LONDON -- Last March, Mark Thompson addressed the Royal Television Society and took proud stock of his time leading the BBC
Rape is about power. When we address rape, it is therefore essential to overturn this power-imbalance and restore dignity and control to the victim. Most often, we fail miserably at this.
LONDON, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Incoming New York Times chief Mark Thompson said on Wednesday his U.S. employer had given him
In the case of the Catholic Church, the repeated denial, refusal to get to the bottom of how high the level of cover-up goes
An email sent by a reporter on Newsnight's axed Jimmy Savile investigation suggests editor Peter Rippon played down the story
But the force said on Friday the review had been broadened into a criminal investigation because it had established in the
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"The women involved here have gone through something awful and it's something I deeply regret," he told BBC radio on Monday