jimmy savile

The sex abuse of BBC's infamous DJ, the late Jimmy Savile, is even worse than originally discovered -- including sex with corpses. HuffPost UK's Jessica Elgot joins Alyona to break down the new discoveries.
HARROWING Savile's crimes also prompted a large police operation which has led to the arrest of numerous high-profile aging
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A culture of consent is based on the rights of potential victims instead of on the rights of potential rapists.  Which would you prefer?
The report said his youngest victim was an 8-year-old boy, and the last of the 214 offences of which he is suspected took
His offending began in 1955 in the northern English city of Manchester and the last attack was in 2009. He abused 33 people
"She conceded that trust in the BBC had taken a 'small knock' during the Savile scandal, but said they were now climbing
The BBC Trust said it accepted the report in full and would implement all its recommendations for better management. By Kate
The media scandal resulted in a massive, full-blown investigation launched by UK authorities who questioned if the iconic
"These levels of reporting of sexual abuse against a single individual are unprecedented in the UK," the police said in a