jimmy stewart

Copyright © 2016 by Richard J. Rosendall. All rights reserved. My mother admonished, "Think of the starving Armenians and
We remember Jimmy Stewart as the amiable Hollywood icon who appeared in many classic movies. Few Americans today know that Stewart was also a bona fide hero who served in World War II. Fewer still know that Stewart, in time, would also endure the grief of all families who lose a child to war.
John Kasich will indeed be the Republican nominee elected at the Cleveland Convention. And he will be elected because of experience that no other candidate can bring to the table. He will also win the general election in November.
Like Elwood P. Dowd, we've wrestled with "reality" for thousands of years; the Resurrection happily declares that Jesus has
During the Blizzard of 2016, my better half and I had plenty of hours to watch, debate, discuss and bicker about movies. We
Look, let's be honest: Christmas is super-gay. All that tinsel, the frolicsome dancing, mulled wine and all its fruity spices -- and oh goodness, all those holiday specials!
Frankly you've seen this damn movie enough. Young or old, rich or poor, Jew or gentile, you've already spent enough time in Bedford Falls to qualify for residency status and a special parking permit in front of Mr. Potter's office.
The #AskHerMore twitter campaign highlighted at last night's 87th Academy Awards by Reese Witherspoon and others, points out the disparity in the types of questions asked of the 44 women nominees compared with those asked of their male counterparts.
The Hollywood Christmas classic was once accused of hiding a subversive Communist message. A number of years ago, I was telling a longtime city dweller friend of mine yet another story about the small, upstate New York town in which I grew up.