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Thousands of detainees are secretly killed by the Assad regime every year.
You're wrong if you think your favorite websites don't have an impact on the planet.
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales joins Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos to discuss safeguarding a free internet and what excites him in the world today.
We have been critical of Wikipedia's approach to censorship in the Middle Kingdom. In a recent piece, I lamented the loss of Wikipedia in China. The encyclopedia's founder, Jimmy Wales, reached out to us and agreed to publish our unedited exchange on the difficult nature of dealing with censorship in China.
The next time someone criticizes you for being attached to your cell phone, just say your screen time could be saving lives
Jimmy Wales has something to tell PR firms altering their clients' Wikipedia pages: don't do it. "It's a really bad idea
If the censors were ever embarrassed, they certainly are no longer. With the support of Xi Jinping, they are emboldened. And we expect to see the authorities take further steps to crack down on any website, mobile app or circumvention tool that allows Chinese citizens to freely access information. Rest in peace, Wikipedia.
Evidence of the strong bias against homeopathy and against an objective encyclopedic tone is evident throughout the article. I will first focus on the second sentence of the first paragraph of the article and the 6 references which purport to substantiate these claims:
Has Jimmy Wales' marauding encyclopedic beast finally corrupted the Internet? Has Wikipedia lost all credibility, its purportedly neutral system compromised by toxic editors? Or have "skeptics" leveled the playing field?