Most commentators trying to figure out the appeal of Donald Trump are looking in the wrong place. They try to intuit some kind of ideological appeal, when the candidate's hook is purely visceral. Trump hits GOP voters in the gut when he says: "We don't have any wins any more."
You'd think the "immigration without assimilation is an invasion" crowd would just love the push for legal permanent residents to become full fledged American citizens, but don't bet on it. That's because citizens can vote.
The governor in question is Louisiana's Bobby Jindal. He took the occasion to breach traditional political etiquette as well as respect for the Oval Office. In a letter to the president, Jindal warned Obama not to mention climate change in a New Orleans-based speech commemorating the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
The fact that those on the right assume that any attack on a person of color is racist is in itself racist: It looks no further than the color of his skin. When I look at Bobby Jindal the first thing I think of isn't his color. It's the way he ignores what he learned to earn his degree in biology from Brown to pander to the creationist, homophobes he hopes will vote for him.
To be fair, Jindal is no different from a long line of Louisiana politicians who have greased the skids for oil industry activity. But those politicians were not angling to become president of the United States. Jindal is. Could the governor be trusted to give a national constituency a better deal than he gave his own state's citizenry in relation to the oil industry?
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The Louisiana House Ways and Means Committee on Monday indefinitely deferred all tax reform bills for the legislative session
"The governor was involved in a traffic accident this afternoon on the way home from his son's soccer game after a truck