jo cox

In announcing the appointment of Tracey Crouch, British Prime Minister Theresa May called loneliness “the sad reality of modern life” for “far too many people.”
British authorities have made a record number of terror-related arrests in the past year.
Cox was gunned down ahead of an event with constituents in 2016.
We cannot change other people's minds. But we must try to help people see the implications of their decision. One candidate is sane and experienced, has a detailed grasp of policy, and knows world leaders. The other is gaspingly ignorant, shoots from the hip, and is openly contemptuous toward women and minorities.
Jo had an inner light that shined so brightly, bursting out of her sparkling eyes, captivating smile and infectious laugh. I considered her to be a good friend, someone I adored and with whom I felt a deep, abiding connection. She was one of my favorite people in the world.
Onstage, gravediggers at an excavation site discover a crooked spinal cord. That could only belong to one figure, Richard
Nigel Farage said they won "without a single bullet being fired."
My two beloved homes - the United States and United Kingdom - are enflamed with pain and rage, resulting in shocking murders in Orlando, US and Yorkshire, UK that betray a deep lack of unity in our nations.
Yet all we hear and know about Jo Cox shows that she was dedicated to the common good, determined in advancing the causes