Joan Osborne

The singer got goosebumps while recording Dylan's songs.
A theme throughout her career, Osborne acknowledged, is honest, authentic examinations of life. Combined with early participation in Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair -- which gained an early reputation as a wonderland for lesbian fans -- the singer has gained a strong following within the LGBT community.
Joan Osborne's many fans expected her to sing her signature "One of Us" at the Café Carlyle this week, but instead she sang
I'm not one given to transcendent awakenings per se, however I could sense the spirit of Dr. Winston O'Boogie sitting beside
Lesbians are like Al-Anon and gays are like AA. They are not a glum lot! They are fun and cheeky and beautiful (sometimes). They are clearly enjoying their lives or at least the parts they can actually control.
The wonderful new documentary AKA Doc Pomus tells the extraordinary tale of a Brooklyn-born Jew who contracted polio at age
I had a very musical and enlightening weekend.
Joan, your new album, Bring It On Home, is all blues and soul classics. How did you whittle the potential contenders down to 12 songs?
I want to talk about something that actually inspires me: The Funk Brothers. Don't know who they are? Yeah... too many people don't. Let's see what we can do to remedy that.
Today, Ben Harpers tells me the story behind his new single: "Rock 'N' Roll Is Free".