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After Joan Rivers died in September, Giuliana Rancic went "back and forth" on whether "Fashion Police," the E! program she
As someone who always preferred Joan to Kathy, I will not be watching the upcoming episodes of "Fashion Police." No one can ever replace Joan Rivers. She was a fashion icon and a comedic legend, and for fans like me, the decision to replace Joan with Kathy does not sit well.
In the months following Joan Rivers' untimely passing, the future of E!'s "Fashion Police" has faced much speculation. Now
To say that Joan Rivers was a major fashion icon would be a complete understatement -- she was so much more. The "Queen of
It is almost impossible to describe how much I adore Joan and how much she has meant to me. She was not only the funniest
Joan Rivers was crass at times (okay, all the time), fiercely witty and, of course, ridiculously stylish. The comedian is
It was the first time she had been on "The Tonight Show" since Carson banned her in the '80s for hosting a rival program
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Joan Rivers has once again proved she's a queen of comedy ... and of awkward interviews. The comedian made headlines recently
Joan Rivers can dish it, but she sure can't take it. Following Jennifer Lawrence's derogatory comments about "Fashion Police," the show's host took to Twitter today to hit back at the actress, branding her "arrogant."
Joan Rivers can dish it, but she sure can't take it. Following Jennifer Lawrence's derogatory comments about "Fashion Police
At least we know the mom of one follows through on her word! What does accepting a dare from Joan Rivers mean? Well, for
"So I'll show up to Fashion Police, and we'll do the taping, and when we're leaving, she'll go, 'By the way, is that your
When it comes to biting sartorial criticism, Kelly Osbourne is back in action. "I'm glad to be back," Osbourne said on the
Lady Gaga isn’t backing down after her back-and-forth with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne last week, responding to the open letter
When Lady Gaga told Kelly Osbourne to stop being negative on "Fashion Police," she must have known the show's star, Joan
“I think my parents always made such a huge effort to be there for all the important events and even the not so important
While Kanye West is usually spotted front row at almost every show during London Fashion Week, this season he only attended
If you had to wear clothes from one decade only, what would it be? Joan: Oh, the '30s. The glamour of the '30s: the bias
Rancic had been struggling to decide between getting another lumpectomy and radiation or going with the more dramatic option