Joanna Brooks

An extraordinary conversation about the past, present and future of Mormon gender equality.
Atheists are already in the minority in most parts of the country, constituting a small fraction of the religiously unaffiliated in the U.S., but it seemed I was to be an especially odd one out at this event. Or, as my mother once said: "It's kind of hip to be a gay atheist [in Cambridge]. Not so much most everywhere else."
In The Book of Mormon Girl, Joanna Brooks writes a beautifully crafted memoir about growing up as a Mormon, how her life as a young kid felt and how it changed over time when she went to college and became a self-proclaimed feminist.
By Lauren Markoe Religion News Service In her writing at Religion Dispatches, Brooks specializes in explaining the Church
Most of this conversation, though, is not about hot-button issues or presidential politics. It is an informative, energetic and often moving journey into life on the other side of the American perception that Mormons are weird at best, a cult at worst.