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If the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank's current estimate of GDP growth at a robust 3.7 percent rate in the current quarter--which the Reserve Board's interest-rate setting Open Market Committee itself looks to for the best available sense of where GDP will come out--proves to be reasonably accurate (as it did in the past few quarters), President Obama will have achieved a remarkable but little noticed milestone in economic management.
Outside of the labor market, it has been a rocky start to 2016. Disappointing corporate profits, plummeting stocks and weak industrial production all point to an economy that slowed sharply late last year.
American workers literally just can't catch a break.
The U.S. economy created a measly 74,000 new jobs in December, and a smaller percentage of working-age Americans are now employed than at any time in the last three decades (before women surged into the workforce).
Before we go high-fiving each other about unemployment falling, we should consider the reasons for it falling, which aren't
One answer is that the two numbers -- payrolls and unemployment -- are based on different surveys. They aren't always consistent
In addition to her visual impairment, Rockefeller suspects her joblessness itself hurts her chances, an impression she gets
Though it's been a persistent problem for several years, policymakers in Washington have focused more on reducing the federal
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Sadly for the 5.4 million Americans who've been out of work six months or longer as of May, the HIRE Act didn't yield impressive