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There were 9.6 million unemployed in August, including 3 million long-term jobless beyond the reach of state benefits. Fewer
"If they really wanted to get this done, they would've taken that week in December when the House was gone and the Senate
Republicans opposed to reauthorizing long-term unemployment benefits have said the payments prevent people from looking for
Businesses reported strong payroll growth in April. The separate household survey, however, showed that all of the decline in the unemployment rate to 6.3 percent was due to a drop in labor force participation.
Despite significant public support for continuing long-term unemployment benefits -- with polls showing Americans by a two-to-one margin favor extended benefits -- Speaker Boehner continues to give the same excuses for inaction.
Marcia Carroll and others are left to wait and watch. Carroll lost her job as a warehouse materials handler in July 2013
Boehner and other Republicans also oppose the bill because it does not meet their demands that it include provisions to create
Congress should act quickly to reauthorize EUC retroactively.  That would restore benefits to those 200,000 and keep the total number of vets -- and other long-term unemployed workers -- denied emergency jobless benefits from continuing to grow.
Are Republicans inconsistent when they sometimes support using offsets and indexing and sometimes don't? Not at all. They're actually very consistent. When capital comes asking for gifts, Republicans act like Santa Claus. When labor is the supplicant, they conduct themselves more like Scrooge.
To mobilize the Democratic base, the president and Democrats in Congress are going to have to do things much differently -- fight much harder, battle much more visibly and act much more boldly than they have in recent years.
Long-term unemployment insurance ran out for more than 1 million Americans on Dec. 28, and Republicans are refusing to renew
According to a senior aides, the Republican offer would pay for the jobless benefits by extending across-the-board spending
“My bar is if we're going to add additional spending to programs, they need to be offset,” Coats said, meaning cuts would
DC CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS YELLEN NOMINATION But there appears to be little appetite for going to the brink of a historic
* First Senate vote Monday on renewing unemployment checks Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, on Sunday
Host Bob Schieffer cut in to say that one Republican is not enough to avoid a filibuster. "We have one of the liberal members
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that Democrats are using unemployment as a distraction
A bipartisan proposal in the Senate would restore the benefits for three months. Obama says if lawmakers pass the measure
Unemployment is not just a blue collar problem. As Torian's experience shows, it can affect even Beltway power players. And it comes without much, if any, warning. When the consulting firm that Torian worked for after his time on the Hill folded, there were few options available.