jobless benefits

In eight of the nine states that have cut benefits, the unemployment insurance recipiency rate has fallen faster than the
"With 2.1 job seekers for every job opening, Congress has essentially shredded the safety net while chances of finding work
Then, following a government shutdown last fall, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) got to work on a
"There is a mountain of evidence that if you pay people too generously, it actually discourages some people from seeking
Businesses reported strong payroll growth in April. The separate household survey, however, showed that all of the decline in the unemployment rate to 6.3 percent was due to a drop in labor force participation.
Despite significant public support for continuing long-term unemployment benefits -- with polls showing Americans by a two-to-one margin favor extended benefits -- Speaker Boehner continues to give the same excuses for inaction.
Bruce Hirshfield's typified the bunch. The Bethany, Conn., native remains unemployed 16 months after losing his high-paying
Backers of the legislation reject the criticism and note that such emergency relief in the past routinely received strong
Congress should act quickly to reauthorize EUC retroactively.  That would restore benefits to those 200,000 and keep the total number of vets -- and other long-term unemployed workers -- denied emergency jobless benefits from continuing to grow.
Are Republicans inconsistent when they sometimes support using offsets and indexing and sometimes don't? Not at all. They're actually very consistent. When capital comes asking for gifts, Republicans act like Santa Claus. When labor is the supplicant, they conduct themselves more like Scrooge.