jobless rate

Nationwide, 11 percent of black Americans were out of a job in the last quarter of 2014. That jobless rate is still higher
Market forces simply cannot make jobs reappear. Overall economic policy continues to drain wealth to benefit the tops layers of society to the detriment of government operations and everyday citizens.
Most economists say annualized growth likely reached a solid 3 percent to 3.5 percent in the April-June quarter. Growth over
And the job market has now reached a significant milestone: Nearly five years after the Great Recession ended, the economy
Almost 80 percent of new jobs are created from small and medium-sized businesses. If we look at the leading companies in
In a labor market free of racial discrimination, one would expect whites and Native Americans to have somewhat similar outcomes, not starkly divergent outcomes like we see in Alaska, the Northern Plains, and the Southwest.
Some manufacturing is coming back to America, to be sure, but not the assembly line jobs that used to be the core of manufacturing employment. Computerized machine tools and robots are doing an increasing portion of the work -- which is why many companies can afford to bring their factories back here. Get it? Technology and globalization are driving the good deals American consumers are getting this holiday season. But the same forces are keeping wages down, and are even on the verge of eliminating many of the low-wage retail and related service jobs many Americans now need to make ends meet. To put it another way, American consumers getting great shopping deals are also American workers on the losing end of those same deals.
Given the challenging job market, it may be surprising to learn that some of today's highest-paying, in-demand professions are actually blue-collar jobs.
"The September numbers vindicate the Fed's decision to postpone tapering, said Brian Jacobsen, chief portfolio manager at
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