I am also a product of the middle class whose only real path to success was through my education, my imagination and my ability to execute. Honestly, these values I believe are basic human values and basic American values. That's why I believe in a strong middle class.
Credit unions serve more than 90 million Americans and play a key role in supporting our economic recovery. Unfortunately, current law imposes requirements which unfairly penalize healthy credit unions for growing to meet the needs of their members.
All American presidents deserve respect, and all American voters deserve candidates who will confront bigotry, and not sit in convenient silence when it rears its ugly head.
Conservatives are throwing out every argument against helping the economy to see if any of them stick. The latest nonsense they are spreading is that helping the unemployed keeps them from finding jobs.
Thune argues that the large cut in budget authority he proposes for FY 2010 wouldn't impair the functioning of the federal government because agencies could spread out its effects over several years. This is incorrect.
While job creation is the number one national priority at the moment, climate change threatens not only the health of the planet, but our economic viability as well. The solution to both is a clean energy economy.