jobs report

Unemployment fell to 3.8% as the economy continues its pandemic recovery.
How much good news would it take for Joe Biden to shake his bad poll numbers? Probably more than this.
Restaurants in particular are adding workers at a fast pace.
The May jobs report showed little evidence that unemployment benefits are stalling economic growth, despite Republicans' continued attacks.
Marty Walsh urged calm on the eve of a huge jobs report.
The number of Americans who have been unemployed for more than 27 weeks is growing.
A weaker global economy, a trade war with China and signs of caution among consumers likely contributed to slow growth.
The president scored cheap political points this morning by undermining trust in the U.S. economy.
Despite 76 months of consecutive job growth to end his tenure, President Barack Obama could always turn to Fox News to learn how his administration was destroying the economy. But now with Donald Trump in the White House, Fox News is praising him, even when the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report is the same, or worse, than under Obama.