Once you get down to the southern part of India, everything changes drastically. This photo is from Palolem Beach in South
It was about 2:45pm when we arrived in Udaipur, which is considered the Venice of the East. Until then, Arrivederci... After
We ended our six hours of sightseeing with a visit to Janta Sweet Home. When I first heard about this place, I envisioned
One of the reasons I love going to India is because it's a photographer's paradise. All of the colors, textures, architecture and people are just some of the many reasons why India is a photo op on every corner.
These are my photographs. At Sunset Near Dechu Hindu Temples, Jaisalmer Taken at Sunrise in Robetgarh All photographs by
Over the past ten years, India's status as a place to do business has grown immensely. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), India is the 10th largest business travel market in the world.
The history of this enormous structure is so complex that to attempt explaining it would be a disservice. Let's just say if you're planning to visit these sites, hire a guide who can walk you through the labyrinth of history.
This morning our driver Mr. Singh pulled up with a spiffy new bus loaded with deluxe features: the seats recline, the windows are large, and there's even a flat screen TV at the front so we can watch a Bollywood movie on our long journey tomorrow from Jodhpur to Jaipur!
While maharajadom in the past tended to be defined by its exclusivity, my ascension to a taste of royalty can, with a bit of planning, be replicated by almost anyone who can manage to get themselves to Rajasthan.
Even as I left, the scent of the marketplace clung to my skin.
They turned to me and explained that visitors in their village were quite rare and rain in the summer season rarer still.
According to CNN IBN, this custody battle is a reflection of Indian culture -- fewer parents want female children. But Chain
A paralyzed hospital patient reportedly has been attacked by rats in Jodhpur, India, according to The Times of India. Reports
This election will show the public's choice, its mandate for the type of leader it wants to deal with complex issues, like why people use terrorism as a tactic to dialogue with those in power.