jodi arias jury questions

Jace Alexander, the director of "Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story" joins Alicia to discuss the how he was able to make a movie about the Jodi Arias case.
PHOENIX -- A jury is now deciding whether Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander in self-defense or carefully planned to take
Arias wept off and on throughout the day -– something that did not go unnoticed by the prosecutor. Martinez' closing argument
"Based on just these objective tests, what kind of working hypothesis would you be looking at?" Willmott asked. "You're telling
The first witness called by prosecutor Juan Martinez was Robert Brown, a detective for the Mesa, Arizona Police Department’s
Arias has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. She could face a possible death sentence if convicted of that charge
You two "must have had a different relationship than he did with Ms. Arias, correct?" Nurmi asked. "No," Reid replied. "No
"There was not a pattern that suggested she was a victim of abuse," DeMarte said. Despite the findings of the defense experts
Is there any reason to believe Arias has not manipulated you, as she has others? "I didn't use Jodi as my evidence. I didn't
Some of the questions seemed to serve no other purpose but to mock Arias and illustrate the jurors' annoyance with her claims.